For starters, do not go to Germantown where this occurred. Sad to say, but this kind of thing is pretty typical for that neighborhood. Other than that, avoid Temple area and certain parts of West Philly and you'll be fine. But as with any city in the world, keep your wits and don't go anywhere alone at night. » 10/10/13 11:09am 10/10/13 11:09am

Im on the DASH diet. It's not that hard, you just don't buy anything that comes in a box....make your own food. Easy, but just time consuming. Cheese, like you say, is a whole different monster though. It's literally impossible, chemically, to make cheese without lots of salt. But it's so delicious! Now I just want… » 3/26/13 8:21am 3/26/13 8:21am

The funny thing is that squatting is actually way better for a wide array of colon issues. For example, diverticulosis is almost unknown in Asian countries because they don't strain nearly so hard. You tend to get a more straight line when squatting, when sitting is more like angled thus requiring more squeezing to get … » 3/21/13 10:21am 3/21/13 10:21am